Manufacturing Facility:

The factory is located in well planned and known industrial area, RIICO, in phase III-Bhiwadi. Our unit in Bhiwadi is well connected to Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai, located in 14400 Sq.mt. area.


Plant and Machinery:

The existing plant and machinery comprising of various reactors, centrifuge, tanks, quality control equipments etc. Since the company has recently modernized its manufacturing unit, the machineries are relatively new and are in excellent working condition.

Pollution Control:

•The company has an Effluent Treatment Plant in the factory premises to combat pollution.
•ETP has capacity of treating 25 KL effluent per day.
•ETP area covers approximately 460 m2.
•Effluent Treatment Plant is well equipped with Primary Treatment plant and Secondary Treatment plant.
•The waste effluent is primarily treated by removing oil & grease followed by equalization, filtration, neutralization, coagulation and flocculation processes. The sludge is then collected after sedimentation process. During secondary treatment, BOD and COD of effluent water are maintained.
•After controlling pH, BOD & COD, the effluent is fed into Multi-Effect Evaporator Plant.
•In MEE Plant, water is firstly heated through steam under vacuum of 500-600 mmHg.
•Then this water vapor is cooled through cooling water and collected in Condensate tank.
•Further analysis of this treated water is done through Online Monitoring System installed at our factory.
Online Monitoring System performs pH, COD, BOD and TSS analysis.
•Daily Input of water in MEE Plant is 6.0-7.0 KL.
•Daily Output of distilled water from MEE Plant is 5.0 - 6.0 KL and 1.0 KL concentrate mass.

Other utilities:

Other utilities includes Air compressor, Boiler giving steam, hot water system from process and HVAC and for vacuum tray dryer (VTD), cooling towers, cooling tower for the chillers, Process Chiller and brine chiller, Process chiller for scrubber, Fire hydrant pumps of various capacities etc.